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Pulp & Paper

Paper manufacturing is made through a pulping process, by crushing fibrous
materials or woody plant materials. We mostly opt for wood for its affordability.
Specific machines have been developed to crush pulp logs from different tree
essences, then dry out and flatten the pulp using a series of progressively larger
and faster rollers.

This entails producing numerous types of pulp and paper on a large scale,
namely newsprint, which is far less costly. Furthermore, pulp can be transformed
into a vast array of products, namely personal hygiene products, such as tissues
and toilet paper. We extract cellulosic components through a friction or chemical
process. Then, we manufacture paper and we remove waste and water utilizing
heat and pressure.

Manufacturing these products challenges the equipment and causes
premature fatigue, leading to ongoing maintenance needs

  • Technical consultations
  • Support and analysis
  • Performance measurement
  • Product suggestions

Why choose us?

We at STEELGUARD are dedicated to finding lasting solutions that will prolong
the service life of your equipment. We can do so by working alongside with your
technical teams to better understand the phenomena to which your equipment is
exposed as well as their constraints. This allows for effective targeting for
solutions that will increase equipment productivity and minimize the frequency of
planned and unplanned shutdowns.

Technical consultations
Product suggestions
Performance measurement
Support and analysis